A guilt-free chocolate pudding at last!

pudding bowl


It happens a lot in my house. I buy a giant bag of avocados at Costco and use a few of them. Suddenly I have three ripe avocados sitting in the fridge…waiting.

Yes, this is about to become dessert.

Yes, this is about to become dessert.

A few days ago I told my littlest one we were going to make some pudding inspired by a few different recipes I’d seen.

So we dragged a chair over to the counter for her to climb up on and made a dessert full of healthy fat and fiber (one avocado has 7 g of dietary fiber!), gorgeous cocoa, and lots of giggles.

Guilt-Free Chocolate Pudding

3 ripe avocados
scant 3/4 cup cocoa powder (you can use raw, or whatever you have. I use a dairy and soy free one from Valhrona that is amazing.)
3/4 cup organic milk or coconut milk
6 Tbsp organic cane sugar (or maple syrup). Add your sweetener to taste, the amount needed will vary depending on how dark your cocoa is.
3 tsp natural vanilla extract


Purée the avocado until smooth. I used a glass cup measure and an immersion blender and it took no time at all. Combine the cocoa powder and milk and add to the avocado. Stir in the sweetener and vanilla extract and beat with a mixer. Taste and correct the sweetness if needed. Transfer to serving dishes and chill. You can top it with fresh berries of sliced nuts before serving.