5 tips to stop digestive discomfort

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It’s something a lot of people are embarrassed to talk about. Gas pain, burping after meals, bloating and cramping. Digestive discomfort is a common complaint for many of my clients, so I’ve put together five things you can try now to alleviate those uncomfortable symptoms. Want 37 of my recipes free? Sign up and get [...]

Trouble conceiving? Try acupuncture

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At least once a month I hear from a client who is having difficulty getting pregnant and is on the waiting list for a local fertility clinic. So it seemed like the perfect time to check in with Rebecca Sprintz. She is a Registered Doctor of Acupuncture and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. She specializes in prenatal [...]

Lindsay Hamel is a professional motivator


Winnipeg trainer Lindsay Hamel once single-handedly inspired her Twitter followers to complete 70,000 pushups in one month. She’s even inspired me to do push ups. And I hate push ups. I’d much rather hold a plank position for five minutes than do 10 push ups. And that’s what’s great about Lindsay, and why I’m so [...]

5 quick ways to boost your mood

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Every day, you balance a lot of things. Time with family, work commitments, managing schedules, paying bills, answering emails, not forgetting appointments, cooking dinner, trying to get enough sleep, hoping it won’t rain during your week of holidays… And for the most part you get through it all relatively unscathed. But during weeks that are [...]