Gluten-free mixes helpful for summer getaways

photo muffin


Packing for a cottage trip at my house usually consists of multiple bags of specialty grocery items, pre-mixed containers of flour blends for pancakes and whatever else I think we might need during our time away.

But when you’re on holidays, you’re supposed to be able to relax and not spend quite so much time in the kitchen.

oats 300Which is why I was cautiously excited to discover the Only Oats line of products. The oats are guaranteed to be free of contamination from wheat, rye and barley, which means both Celiacs who can tolerate oats and those simply avoiding gluten can use them.

Whether you buy the straight up oats for oatmeal, pancake mix (which is pretty much just oat flour with a little baking soda, minimal sugar and some salt – throw in a mashed banana) or one of the slightly fancier muffin mixes, the products are easy to use and taste surprisingly good.

I’ve used the chocolate muffin mix (adding coconut oil, water and eggs) for parties when there will be a kid with a food allergy around, because once you dress them up like a cupcake, all the kids are happy to eat them – and no one is left out when the cake is cut.

These mixes are also great for the mornings you just can’t face getting down the 13 different ingredients it takes to make your own custom gluten-free muffins or pancakes.

Or for that moment when you discover you left one crucial bag of something at home on your kitchen counter.

Available at Bulk Barn.