Homemade chocolate with three ingredients

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It’s almost impossible to avoid the piles of boxed chocolates over the holidays.

Want more strategies to help you kick your sugar habit? 

But what if you could have a treat that was full of healthy fat, minerals like magnesium, iron and zinc and several B vitamins too? By whipping up a batch of homemade chocolates, you can control the ingredients, portion sizes and make a custom confection that’s delivering those nutrients along with a touch of sweetness.

chocolate peanut butter cupsWhen my house was going through a strict elimination protocol for my eldest, I had to come up with soy and dairy free chocolate Easter treats. Thanks to a bunny shaped candy mold and another one I used to make healthy peanut butter cups (I’ll post that recipe later), Easter was a success.

I just picked up a Christmas themed candy mold and figured I’d share this simple recipe with you. It has three ingredients and can be prepped in under five minutes. If you don’t have a candy mold, you can get your hands on one at Bulk Barn or Michael’s.

If you like dark, bittersweet chocolate, you can use the straight raw cacao and honey as a sweetener. If you’re making this recipe for kids, I’d start with chocolate chips and experiment from there.

chocolate, recipe, honey, coconut oil, cacaoIngredients:
1/3 C raw cacao powder or 1/3 C Enjoy Life chocolate chips
1/3 C coconut oil
2 Tbsp raw honey (add more as needed if using raw cacao)
Optional - Add your choice of a few drops of peppermint, orange, vanilla or almond extract.

Heat all the ingredients in a pot over low heat, stirring till combined and smooth. While still warm, spoon the chocolate into the candy mold. Carefully place in the freezer till it sets – about 10-15 minutes. Remove from freezer right before serving.