I shopped at Save-On-Foods, should you?

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Grocery shopping is one of my favourite things.

So when Save-On-Foods opened up three stores over the weekend, I was curious to see if they could simplify my normally complicated shopping routine of hitting three different stores to find everything on my list.

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I headed out the the location in Bridgwater Forest, fully expecting to stop at the Bison Drive Superstore on my way home.

The organic dairy section.

The organic dairy section.

Walking in, the store aisles will feel a bit narrow if you’re used to shopping at Costco or Superstore, but I was pleased to find a natural foods aisle right next to the produce.

There were some good prices on typically pricey items like tart cherry and pure cranberry juice and a reasonable selection of organic yogurt. There was also a fairly good range of organic spices.

Unlike a lot of other stores, the organic foods aren’t limited to the natural aisle so if you’re shopping for organic cow or non-dairy milk you’ll have to head over the the regular dairy section at the end of the store.

Pro tip: This is the only store in the city where I’ve seen a 4L jug of almond milk. 

Silver Hills, sprouted, grain, bread, bakery

Silver Hills sprouted bread.

Specialty items are scattered throughout the store as well, so if you’re looking for Silver Hills bread, it’s in the regular bakery aisle. Vegetarian meat alternatives are in the produce and regular frozen section too.

I was pleased to see the range of organic fruits and veggies, the quality was very good and the organic Ambrosia apples were gigantic.

I expect what will attract a lot of people to this chain is the range of readily prepared foods. There is a large section with fresh sushi, a bakery, made-to-order pizza, cold salads, meats and soups. I didn’t spend much time here but did take a peek at the chicken quinoa soup which looked pretty good but with no ingredient listing anywhere I wasn’t tempted to pick up a ladle.

There’s also a frozen yogurt bar next to the Starbucks and a Jones soda fountain.

After grabbing organic potatoes, bananas, spinach, carrots, mushrooms some regular zucchini and marvelling at the giant bag of organic juicer carrots, I headed to the meat section, curious is there were any organic items to be found.

Wendel's True Foods, allergy, friendly, baking

Wendel’s True Foods allergy-friendly products.

If there were, I didn’t find them. But after posting this, I heard from another shopper that organic meat was on the shelves at the St. James location.

Next I headed to the bulk section where there is a great range of Anita’s Organic Mill products.

The regular freezer section is home to the usual products but at one end there is a section of allergy-friendly baking. Breads from Little Northern Bakehouse are alongside treats from Wendel’s True Foods, a company based in Langley, B.C.

Northern Bakehouse gluten-free breads.

Northern Bakehouse gluten-free breads.

I found a not from concentrate orange juice with a very limited ingredient list. Seriously, read orange juice labels next time, some of them have a lot more than just oranges.

Overall I enjoyed shopping at Save-On-Foods. On this occasion I got everything on my list at the store and didn’t have to make any extra stops on the way home.

That said, there are a few things I’d love to see them add if demand for more natural products grows.


  1. KeVita drinks - They are well-stocked in kombucha but have zip in the kefir water department. 
  2. Organic meats – I have yet to find a mainstream grocery store in this city that has an organic meat selection of any kind.
  3. Dairy-free yogurt – Unless I missed them, Greek-style coconut yogurt would be a great addition.
  4. Bone broth – Several soup companies make bone broth but none of them have turned up in the city yet.