Lindsay Hamel is a professional motivator



Winnipeg trainer Lindsay Hamel once single-handedly inspired her Twitter followers to complete 70,000 pushups in one month.

She’s even inspired me to do push ups. And I hate push ups. I’d much rather hold a plank position for five minutes than do 10 push ups.

And that’s what’s great about Lindsay, and why I’m so pleased to announce a new partnership with her. She’s really good at motivating people to just get up and move.

As a united front, we’re putting our skills, knowledge and determination together to help Winnipeggers achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

Lindsay-Hamel 300Lindsay runs all kinds of fun and challenging classes out of her studio above Parlour Coffee on Main Street.

Here’s a quick Q + A with her so you can get to know her a little bit better.

AL: What inspired your Twitter fitness challenges?
LH:¬†Accountability and call to action are key parts of how people find success when they work with a trainer. I found that a tweet can do the same thing! On Twitter, I’ve challenged people to complete movement in their lives every day. Squats, pushups, crunches, planks… After they’ve completed it, they tweet me.

AL: How do you keep people motivated to make fitness a priority?
LH:¬†Here’s my big secret: MAKE IT FUN. Find activities and things you love to do with people you like hanging out with. When you figure that out, it’s easy.

AL: What’s your favourite way to workout outside the gym?
LH: I love being outside. Anything outside is much much better. I change my activities/sports based on the season. In winter, my absolute favourite is cross country skiing. It is so tranquil and relaxing, but also an amazing workout! In summer, I love to commute by bike. I ride it everywhere. It is quite simply the happiest way to get around (I don’t even think of it as a workout!)

AL: What’s one exercise you had to learn to love?
LH: I still and always have ¬†problem with ‘downward dog’ in yoga. I hate having my head upside down! I’m still trying to master it!