5 Day Meal Plan – On Sale!!

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I love cooking and coming up with new recipes but I fully appreciate that not everyone feels the same way. So I want to simplify that process for you. When I get referrals from naturopaths, chiropractors and other health professionals it’s most often to help people figure out how they can tweak their dietary choices to eat well and feel better.

For some people that can mean massive dietary shifts, for others it’s pinpointing areas where missing a key nutrient group is derailing their weight loss goals, messing up their blood sugar or driving nighttime binge eating.

Although I’ve met and worked with a lot of people like you who are members of my community, not everyone is looking for one-on-one help. Many people are happy to get new recipes, keep up with tips and strategies and leave it at that.

But I want to help more of you because I know that sometimes just a few pointers can be enough to motivate big change. I want to jump on this now because I am feeling celebratory but also because I want you to think about yourself before you get sucked into back-to-school with your kids or going back to the daily grind after your holidays end.

Now is the perfect time to commit to making those changes and I want to make it financially possible for you. For the price of a few coffees or less than a meal out I will send you:

  • A five day meal plan
  • Options for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • 25 of my recipes you can mix and match however you want

Some of the meal ideas include:

  • Nut butter overnight oats
  • Green chia smoothie
  • Coconut leek soup
  • Chili lime salmon
  • Veggie lentil pasta sauce
This meal plan is gluten-free and free of refined sugar. So not only are you getting incredibly
nourishing meals, you’re also learning how to ditch sugar and still feel satisfied!!

Because even if you and I have never met, or you’ve never tried one of my programs before, I want to help you. So I’m putting this plan on sale for Black Friday!

It would normally cost $75 for a custom meal plan like this, but I’m offering it my subscribers for only $15.