Slow and steady

$225 individual rate/$400 family rate

Who says you have to change everything at once? Slow, steady progress can be just as valuable as you learn new habits and adapt to a healthy routine. In this package we will slowly reclaim your kitchen one meal at a time, snacks included.

Includes a one hour consult, pantry overhaul, a seven day meal plan, recipes and email support.

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5 Day Meal Plan – On Sale!!


For a limited time, get a complete 5 day meal plan and 25 of my recipes to help take the guesswork our of your kitchen prep.


Eat well, feel better customized plan

$195 individual rate/$375 couple rate

Are you sick of feeling tired, stressed, dealing with digestive trouble, PMS or other nagging health issues? If you want to take a very close look at how your body systems are working (or not working) together, this package is the most in-depth one available.
Includes an extensive questionnaire (submitted ahead of your appointment), one hour initial consult and one 30 minute followup, meal recommendations, shopping tips, supplement suggestions and lifestyle changes.

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Spring Into Spring 11 Day Cleanse


Spring Into Spring with an easy to follow, guided cleanse program that is packed with nutritious foods to help you feel refreshed, renewed and recharged.

With more than 60 recipes, a shopping list and meal plan to help you banish the bloat, eliminate sugar cravings and probably even lose a few inches!

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Survive and thrive on your elimination diet


If you've gotten the results of a food sensitivity test, been prescribed an individualized elimination protocol and need some support, this is the package for you. You'll discover new foods, reinterpret favourite family meals and try out some delicious alternatives.

Package includes: review of your test results, meal planning suggestions, product recommendations and a three day meal plan to get you started.


Break Up With Sugar…for good


In this entirely done for you whole foods program, you will recharge, nourish and reset your metabolism in just 11 days. You will feel revitalized, reduce inflammation in your body, reboot your cells and probably even lose a little weight!

You will learn how to eliminate cravings, banish the bloat and come out of the sugar and caffeine fog.

Package includes a complete step-by-step guide, recipes, email support, shopping list, success kit and tools to help you succeed.


Fall Clean Eating Challenge


The Fall Clean Eating Challenge is a two-week, online program designed to get you off the sugar and caffeine roller coaster and teach you how to nourish your body with whole foods.

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