Time to get your hands dirty!

garden pic


Happy summer everyone! Despite the rainy day today, I managed to get most of my veggie garden in the ground.

And I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know about two great local businesses that can help you create an amazing, edible garden.

Urban Eatin’ is a local co-op that can design and build great fruit and vegetable gardens in your back (or front!) yard. Last year, I hired them to install three large raised beds. And I’ve planted two so far with tomatoes, basil, beets, purple carrots, lettuce, a variety of peppers and cucumbers. Still to come, zucchini, potatoes, peas, celery, cilantro and we’ll see how much space is left after that.

I buy all my plants and seed from Sage Garden Herbs because they sell great organic products. If you’re not sure what fruits and veggies you should be buying in the organic section, I wrote this column a few weeks ago that explains it all.

I’m recommending these two local companies to you because I think they’re a great benefit to our city. I have no affiliations with either, I just thought you might like the info!

If you need recipes to help you decide what to do with all the fresh produce you’re going to grow, check out my online program, 7 Days of Real Food.