Tools to help fight back against dry skin



The weather forecast in Winnipeg for tonight is -30ÂșC.

Needless to say with all the cold air outside and forced heat inside, your skin is probably starting to feel a bit dried out. When my littlest one came home with chapped legs where the snow had gone over her boots and red, raw hands, it was time for a little TLC.

On went the taps in the bathtub and into the tub went a healthy dollop of coconut oil* and a generous sprinkle of Epsom salts.

bath stuffThis is really a double whammy of moisture and softness with a few added benefits. The magnesium in the Epsom salts is both a skin softener and a natural relaxant that can help you get a better night’s sleep. And since it is easily absorbed through your skin this is a great way to boost your levels of a mineral many are deficient in.

The coconut oil can be used on dry skin as a moisturizer but also works well when added to the water for soaking. By the time I coerced my happy little lady out of the tub her skin was dewy and baby soft.

*Just be warned that the coconut oil will make whoever you’re soaking in the tub very slippery and you will need to give the floor a good wipe down so the next shower taker doesn’t slip.