Trouble conceiving? Try acupuncture

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At least once a month I hear from a client who is having difficulty getting pregnant and is on the waiting list for a local fertility clinic.

So it seemed like the perfect time to check in with Rebecca Sprintz. She is a Registered Doctor of Acupuncture and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. She specializes in prenatal care with a focus on fertility and prenatal support and if you follow Winnipeg Acupuncture
 you’ll see some of her success stories.

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Like a lot of people who work in holistic health care, she was drawn to the field thanks to health problems she experienced right after starting university.

“My digestive system spontaneously rebelled. I went through the full medical system for a couple of years and after undergoing copious testing, their conclusive response was that there was nothing that they could do for me and my future was cancer,” she explained.

“This experience opened my eyes to the limitations of Western medicine and encouraged me to look for alternative therapies. I thought the best way to do so was to educate and fully immerse myself in a medicine. I was drawn to TCM and applied for my Doctorate in Chinese Medicine. Within my first year as a student, I diagnosed and treated myself with acupuncture and herbs. It was actually quite simple!”

Rebecca Sprintz, winnipeg, acupunctureOnce she got out of school, Sprintz said she was drawn to fertility and pregnancy care due to what she saw as a lack of support for Winnipeg moms.

“Women don’t seem to realize that morning sickness is not a necessary part of pregnancy, turning breeched babies is incredibly effective with acupuncture, medical inductions can be avoided, and the word infertility does not exist in Chinese medicine.”

Sprintz said if a woman is having trouble conceiving, it’s her job to figure out why. “It’s my goal as a TCM acupuncturist to address the cause as to why a woman can’t conceive, treat that – which usually takes between one to two cycles – and then the majority of my patients get pregnant.”

Sprintz explained that the most common barrier she sees preventing women from getting pregnant is emotional stress.

“In this case, I can help flush cortisol from their body – cortisol is that stress hormone that makes people irritable, tightens muscles, and more importantly blocks circulation and conception. When the body is under distress, it is not as willing to conceive because it is unsure if it is strong enough to support both the woman and a baby. It does not mean that her body is weak or infertile. In fact it’s quite the opposite. It means her body is brilliant and is patiently waiting for the woman to become healthier so she can confidently carry a baby full term. Once I release her stress, I call it Liver Qi Stagnation, then her body is ready and able for life’s next adventure.”

Rebecca Sprintz also treats women who suffer from miscarriages, men with low sperm counts and routinely posts updates from happy parents-to-be on her site.

She also recalled what it was like to hear from her first fertility success story. “She texted me a picture of two positive pregnancy tests before she even told her husband,” Sprintz said.