Trying not to scratch those itchy bites?



If you’ve ever bought those noxious smelling post-bite products from a drugstore, you’re probably used to the stink and sharp sting that comes with dabbing them on an open, scratched up mosquito bite.
Luckily there’s a better way.
In the past, I’ve iced mosquito bites, put aloe vera on them and held them under cold water for long periods of time. Those things all help – and if you’re an adult you can will yourself not to scratch – for awhile. At least until you fall asleep.
It’s much harder to convince a kid not to scratch those itchy, swollen marks.
Fortunately, there are some simple remedies that you probably have in your kitchen right now that can help. So pick your itchiest three bites and try these:
1) Baking soda
Shake a teaspoon or so of baking soda into your hand and add enough water to make a thick kind of paste. Then use your finger to cover the bite with the paste. It’s the best new use for baking soda since cleaning sinks or washing apples.
2) Apple cider vinegar
This is the most high maintenance one because it requires a cotton ball and Band-Aids. All you do is soak the cotton ball in the ACV, put it on the bite and put a Band-Aid overtop of it. Leave it on till you’ve forgotten it was ever itchy.
3) Banana peel
Yes you read that right. This is my absolute favourite. If I can get to a bite right away – before scratching fingers reach it – it never itches. All you do is take a banana peel, put the inside of the peel against the bite and rub it around a bit so it gets a nice covering of banana goo. That’s it.
Cheap, easy ways to take the sting out of those itchy bites, without dousing your skin in extra chemicals.